Freiburg, 28.01.2019

Z-LASER Optoelektronik GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of laser sources in Germany. With its laser projector “ZLP1”, the Freiburg-based, internationally operating company with its long tradition and experience is now making a versatile laser projector available to the market for the first time. Industry 4.0 provides a platform for the modern factory that is not only high flexibility, but also optimal synergy between human and machine. Humans can, for example, better feel or touch, but the computer can process and store large amounts of data. As a result, the requirements on factory control systems and warehouse logistics have increased; work instructions should be communicated intuitively, precisely and unambiguously.

The “ZLP1” combines the best of humans and computers. For example, when used in factory processes, the clever laser projector shows the worker in an instant where a screw is placed, where to remove suitable material, or where a weld is required. Thanks to visualized work instructions, workers are guided in a targeted and effective manner through the manufacturing process; therefore, production processes can be optimized and made as economical and error-free as possible.

Dr. Hans Ebinger, Managing Director of Z-LASER Optoelektronik GmbH, further explains: “The same applies to the implementation of a highly flexible warehouse structure. The use of our laser projector minimizes errors during storage and retrieval as well as picking tasks. The visualized support intuitively guides the workers, shortens the training time of new employees and thus enables an uncomplicated and flexible deployment of staff with fast process times.”

With the aid of selectable markings, such as geometric figures, letters, numbers or text, the order picker is shown where he should remove (pick-by-light) or store (put-to-light) the goods. Information such as location, number, article number and name of the items to be stored can also be specified and displayed by the laser projector. The exact location is transmitted via the control software or a decentralized SPS control. The optical signal routing is based on geometrical figures (tablature geometry) and freely configurable, therefore it can easily be modified and recreated by the user.

With a starting price of 4.990 euros, the projector comes in at 50% below the price of comparable products. The most compact member of the “ZLP family” has an effective ROI with its cost-efficiency, but also with its high quality, reliability and functionality. The corresponding intuitive “ZLP-Suite” software is equipped with a graphical user interface and can be programmed quickly and easily by the user. Thus, the “ZLP1” can also profitably be used in the production of small and medium quantities and thanks to various interfaces (API) can be easily integrated into existing systems. It is also possible to upgrade the “ZLP-Suite” with additional software modules. The eye-safe laser projector (laser class 2M) scores particularly in smaller working fields and at short working distances.

Did Einstein suspect what mankind would do with his ideas?

Company Information
Z-LASER Optoelektronik GmbH is a leading German manufacturer of laser sources in the fields of laser modules and laser projectors as positioning aids, lasers for image processing and customer-specific laser solutions (OEM). Customers from the wood, stone, metal, textile and automotive industries trust in the products of the traditional company. With over 100 employees at the headquarters in Freiburg site and 60 partners worldwide, continuous development and innovation work as well as international penetration can be promoted in the long term. The Z-LASER Optoelectronik GmbH was founded in 1985 in Freiburg and has numerous patents and utility models in the laser sector.


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