Our ZD series has proven itself over the years. For over 20 years, we have been building this small, robust laser in a wide variety of designs: as point or line laser, even with cross-optics. The “D” in the name – who knows? – was then quite simple and easy for “diode”, so the built-in light source!

The ZD was indeed the first diode laser from Z-LASER with a separate (external) power supply in the form of a plug-in power supply. For years, we built this laser based on red laser diodes; But now that green powerful and robust laser diodes are on the market, the desire for small green laser modules has grown. So we are lucky to be able to present the ZD-green from May of this year!

Outwardly it is hardly distinguishable from the ZD: same case diameter, same length. As a standard connection, we will initially offer the proven two-wire black cable, with Texas plug or open strands. As a special feature, the green ZD offers a wide input range of 5-24VDC.

We start with the following model variants:

ZD0000501 Z-LASER Modell Z3D-520-lg90
ZD0000502 Z-LASER Modell Z5D-520-lg90
ZD0000503 Z-LASER Modell Z10D-520-lg90
ZD0000504 Z-LASER Modell Z20D-520-lg90
ZD0000505 Z-LASER Modell Z1D-520-pe
ZD0000511 Z-LASER Modell Z3D-520-lg90
ZD0000512 Z-LASER Modell Z5D-520-lg90
ZD0000513 Z-LASER Modell Z10D-520-lg90
ZD0000514 Z-LASER Modell Z20D-520-lg90
ZD0000515 Z-LASER Modell Z1D-520-pe
ZD0000520 Z-LASER Modell Z1D-520-pe
ZD0000521 Z-LASER Modell Z1D-520-pe
ZD0000522 Z-LASER Modell Z1D-520-pe
ZD0000523 Z-LASER Modell Z3D-520-lg90
ZD0000524 Z-LASER Modell Z3D-520-lg90
ZD0000525 Z-LASER Modell Z3D-520-lg90
ZD0000526 Z-LASER Modell Z3D-520-lg90-H1D
ZD0000527 Z-LASER Modell Z3D-520-x25g
ZD0000528 Z-LASER Modell Z3D-520-x25g
ZD0000529 Z-LASER Modell Z5D-520-lg90
ZD0000530 Z-LASER Modell Z5D-520-lg90-H1D
ZD0000531 Z-LASER Modell Z10D-520-lg90
ZD0000532 Z-LASER Modell Z02D-520-pz

The prices will be based on the red lasers.