Z-LASER prides itself on its wide selection of laser modules with over 3,000 different combinations of wavelength, output, working distances and projections that can be ordered directly. We recommend that you look at the product selection for your application based on this existing portfolio and would like to help you find the right model. A selection from this range not only offers the lowest price, but also the shortest delivery time.

Despite 34 years of company history, it may happen that the required combination is not yet available and must be created as a new product variant. This process has meanwhile been very well thought out and includes the examination of the feasibility of the new combination, creation of the bill of materials, procurement of materials from our suppliers, construction and testing of the new article, measurement of the laser protection class and finally the release of the laser in the form of a final report from our process engineering department.

If your order exceeds a reasonable minimum value (> 2.000 € order value for new systems of the product families ZM18, ZM12, ZD, ZPT-F, ZRG-F), this new article will be created for you free of charge.

However, we are also prepared to create a new article if this minimum value is exceeded. In such a case, however, we must ask you to contribute a fee for the installation of the new article. This fee is 500 € for new investments of the above. Product families.

The result will be a customized laser tailored to your application. This procedure will be valid for all orders as of March 01, 2019. Your responsible Z-LASER consultant will be pleased to assist you with the right product selection.