Despite weakened economic growth, China is an immensely important market, simply because of its sheer size. In addition, China is increasingly becoming one of the leading high-tech nations, with areas such as assembly assistance and automation becoming even more important in the future.

We are all the more pleased that with Shenyang Zeleisi Intelligent Techology, we have gained a highly qualified partner for the distribution of our laser projectors in China. The company was newly founded for the distribution and commissioning of our products. The founders are all very experienced entrepreneurs, who not only operate successfully, but are also highly networked in the Chinese market. David Wang (Managing Director of PUWA, Beijing) and Jichen Zhao (Managing Director of Haina Automation, Shenyang) are two of the leaders behind Shenyang Zeleisi Intelligent Technology.

Our Sales Manager Mr. Roland Fritz, together with Mr. Enrico Rosenhayn (Support Laser Projectors) attended the first event of Shenyang Zeleisi Intelligent Technology. The employees of the new company received detailed technical and sales training on the Z-LASER laser projectors.

After the training, more than 30 people, dealers and potential customers were invited to an initial event that lasted over two days. The potential customers came from the target markets aerospace, automation, automotive, but also more traditional applications such as steel construction or concrete.

The focus was on the laser projector LP-HFD2, but the new product family ZLP was also presented. Especially applications and applications in which the laser projectors can be used were presented and explained in detail. The interest of the invited guests was great and fast was talked about concrete approaches and projects.

We look forward to the successful launch with Shenyang Zeleisi Intelligent Technology and we are confident that together we will be successful in the Chinese market.