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The new Z-LASER catalogue “Machine Vision” has arrived

Here you will find all products for image processing in one PDF file. So far the catalogue is available in English. Further languages will follow soon. Download

Z-LASER LP-HFD2 in operation at Hofmann GmbH

Hofmann GmbH in Blaufelden is one of the leading manufacturers of plant- and equipment-engeineering for the pharmaceutical and food industries. Hofmann GmbH has been relying on Z-LASER products for years, including the laser-cutting-robot. Almost always blanks from different orders and… Continue Reading →

New product from Z-Laser GmbH: the ZD-520 green

Z-Laser from Freiburg, Germany, has always taken its customers’ needs seriously and monitors the market constantly; this is proven yet again by the company’s latest product development, as the management is set to unveil innovations in the ZD laser series… Continue Reading →

Shorter production sequences thanks to laser triangulation with Z-LASER ZX20

With the increasing automation and acceleration of manufacturing processes and at the same time increasing quality demands, optical 3D measuring systems are moving more and more into focus. As soon as the geometry of an object is relevant for a… Continue Reading →

Product video: The new laser projector ZLP1, presented by Manuel Gomez (Sales Manager)

Z-LASERS provide improved efficiency for thin-film solar modules

Manz AG is one of the world’s pioneers in photovoltaic engineering. In the realization of the largest order in the company’s history so far, Z-LASER laser modules play a decisive role in quality assurance and enable the production of solar… Continue Reading →

Product video: The new Lhi90a optics, presented by Stefan Frei (Sales Manager)

In this short video, Stefan Frei (Sales Manager at Z-LASER) introduces the new Lhi90a optics. What are the advantages, where can they be used, which variants are there? All these questions are answered here …

Our new partner for laser projectors in China: Shenyang Zeleisi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Despite weakened economic growth, China is an immensely important market, simply because of its sheer size. In addition, China is increasingly becoming one of the leading high-tech nations, with areas such as assembly assistance and automation becoming even more important… Continue Reading →

The right laser module for every application

Z-LASER prides itself on its wide selection of laser modules with over 3,000 different combinations of wavelength, output, working distances and projections that can be ordered directly. We recommend that you look at the product selection for your application based… Continue Reading →

The ZD series goes green

Our ZD series has proven itself over the years. For over 20 years, we have been building this small, robust laser in a wide variety of designs: as point or line laser, even with cross-optics. The “D” in the name… Continue Reading →

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