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How laser projectors from Z-LASER support the production of precast concrete parts

Z-LASER offers an innovative and time-saving solution with laser projectors for precast concrete parts. The process is very simple, how the whole thing works is explained in the following video: Find more informations about the LP-HFD2 here.

Laser technology presents COVID-19 diagnostic that may significantly reduce testing time

According to Dr. Amos Danielli, of the Alexander Kofkin Faculty of Engineering at Bar-Ilan University, 15 minutes may be all it takes to diagnose cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), thanks to a new diagnostic technology. While existing methods of… Continue Reading →

Light-driven molecular motor transmits motion to another molecular unit

Light-driven molecular motors that perform targeted rotary movements have great potential for future applications in nanotechnology. In order for such motors to be used as drives, they must be integrated into larger molecular units and their mechanical movements transferred to… Continue Reading →

Z-LASER supports manufacturers of laser displacement sensors

With the increasing level of automation and acceleration of manufacturing processes and the simultaneous demand for higher standards of quality, optical 3D measuring systems are increasingly coming into focus. As soon as the geometry of an object is relevant for… Continue Reading →

Computer Tomography (CT)

Laser class 1 laser modules are typically used for the precise positioning of patients in x-ray or nuclear magnetic resonance tomographs. Z-LASER manufactures specially developed laser modules for the tomographs of well-known manufacturers. Special Uses: Eye-safe lasers (Class 1M)  Built… Continue Reading →

Application of Z-LASER LP-HFD2 projectors in corrugated board processing

Our sales partner SAKAKI Corporation, Osaka in Japan, has prepared this exciting and interesting application report in cooperation with its customer Nakatsugawa Packaging. It deals with the use of our LP-HFD2 laser projector to optimize the manufacturing processes in the… Continue Reading →


The ZA product range, which has proven itself for many years, will be replaced by the new ZAT battery laser in the near future. The battery-powered ZAT has been successfully used in the Belt Aligner Set for years and is… Continue Reading →

Hackers Can Shine Lasers at Your Alexa Device and Do Bad, Bad Things to It

Keep Alexa away from all windows: Turns out hackers can shine lasers at your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa-enabled devices and gain control of them, sending commands to the smart assistants or obtaining your valuable account information. Researchers proved this… Continue Reading →

Product Innovation: First Impression of the MEMS-Laser

Z-LASER offers a compact laser module with an integrated MEMS mirror, that allows for projecting single or multiple lines. This lines can even be moved vertically. This product is an OEM laser solution. For further Information please contact Tobias Bürkle.

Product innovation: ZRX Green is now available

The ZRX series, which has proven its worth for many years, has now been enriched with a new product: the ZRX Green. For an optimally visible positioning cross, the cross projection of the ZRX Green is performed by two line… Continue Reading →

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