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More efficiency and higher quality thanks to laser use in the production of carbon parts

Extremely resilient and at the same time extremely light – these are the two properties that everyone thinks of when talking about carbon. The carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP for short) has become an indispensable part of modern industry. In… Continue Reading →

Product discontinuation: ZA will be replaced by ZAT at the end of the year

Last ZA orders are possible until 15.10.2020 The ZA product range, which has proven itself for many years, will be replaced by the new ZAT battery laser in the near future. The battery-powered ZAT has been successfully used in the… Continue Reading →

Prevent lightning strikes with Superlaser

A lot of heat and humidity cause thunderstorms, especially in summer. Now scientists from Switzerland and France are planning to prevent lightning strikes – with the help of a super laser from Germany. Lightning strikes cause enormous damage worldwide. In… Continue Reading →

Z-LASER laser projector LP-HFD2 in use at BAUFRITZ in Erkheim

For more than 120 years the company BAUFRITZ has been building with and for nature. As a pioneer of ecological house building in Germany, healthy and ecological building from wood is the focus of the company from Erkheim in Allgäu…. Continue Reading →

Laser supported Tread Measurement

In motor sports, car and truck fleet management, as well as in workshops, the profile and integrity of tires must be checked on regularly. In order to automate and accelerate this step, systems for laser profilometry are used which consist… Continue Reading →


Driving Precision in the Medical Imaging The ability to capture reality in the form of an image has always fascinated humans. In the medical industry, this ability—known as medical imaging—is a visual rendering of data generated by a human body,… Continue Reading →

Lasers at 60 years

Sixty years ago this month, Theodore H. Maiman, a physicist at Hughes Research Laboratories in Malibu, Calif., constructed the first laser using a cylinder of synthetic ruby and photographic flash lamps. There have been many milestones in the last six… Continue Reading →

Z-Laser Precision Alignment Cross lasers is being utilised in experiments with Neutron Beam Instruments

In 1994 Erin Allin Cornell, an American physicist said, “There are relatively few experiments in atomic physics these days that don’t involve the use of a laser”. Nearly 30 years later his statement still holds true. We spoke to Jason… Continue Reading →

Fewer accidents at work thanks to laser lines

Secure danger areas with laser lines Until now, danger areas have usually been secured with painted or glued-on floor markings. However, this has some disadvantages: over time, these markings become dirty and their visibility decreases. If the format of the… Continue Reading →

Lasers turn metal surfaces into bacteria killers

Purdue University researchers have discovered a laser treatment to texture metals that can potentially transform almost any metal surface into one that quickly eliminates any bacteria that come into contact with it. The study, published in the journal Advanced Materials… Continue Reading →

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