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June 2020

Prevent lightning strikes with Superlaser

A lot of heat and humidity cause thunderstorms, especially in summer. Now scientists from Switzerland and France are planning to prevent lightning strikes – with the help of a super laser from Germany. Lightning strikes cause enormous damage worldwide. In… Continue Reading →

Z-LASER laser projector LP-HFD2 in use at BAUFRITZ in Erkheim

For more than 120 years the company BAUFRITZ has been building with and for nature. As a pioneer of ecological house building in Germany, healthy and ecological building from wood is the focus of the company from Erkheim in Allgäu…. Continue Reading →

Line lasers in use at energy from waste plants

Waste incineration plants usually have large unloading halls. Depending on the size of the hall, up to 10 refuse collection vehicles can unload in parallel. For safety reasons, these trucks must park in a certain area while maintaining a safe… Continue Reading →

Laser supported Tread Measurement

In motor sports, car and truck fleet management, as well as in workshops, the profile and integrity of tires must be checked on regularly. In order to automate and accelerate this step, systems for laser profilometry are used which consist… Continue Reading →

Tire press

The tire press is the final step in the production process creation of a tire. It is extremely important to place the tire perfectly in the tire presses. For this purpose, a dot or cross laser is projected vertically into… Continue Reading →

Tire retreading machine

To renew the profile of a used tire, you have to set the exact width of the new profile. This can be displayed with two laser lines, so that the new profile fits perfectly on the raw tire. Special requirements:–… Continue Reading →


Driving Precision in the Medical Imaging The ability to capture reality in the form of an image has always fascinated humans. In the medical industry, this ability—known as medical imaging—is a visual rendering of data generated by a human body,… Continue Reading →

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