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August 2019

DESC Worker Guided Tour with the Z-LASER ZLP1

Our partner DE Group shows with the DESC worker guidance a complete system for worker guidance for most different application areas and task areas. A central role in this system is played by the ZLP1 laser projector from Z-LASER, which… Continue Reading →

Laser projector ZLP1 optimizes production processes in the automotive industry

The ZLP1 in use at Mayer GmbH, Laichingen and SKS Automotive in Mosbach, respectively Mayer GmbH from Laichingen, founded in 1973, now employs 120 people in plastics technology and mould making. As a long-standing supplier to the automotive industry, the… Continue Reading →

Shorter production sequences thanks to laser triangulation with Z-LASER ZX20

With the increasing automation and acceleration of manufacturing processes and at the same time increasing quality demands, optical 3D measuring systems are moving more and more into focus. As soon as the geometry of an object is relevant for a… Continue Reading →

The Pentagon has a laser that identifies people by their heartbeat

Biometric identification has become part of everyday life. We’ve got facial recognition in airports, cars that can be unlocked just by looking at them, technology that detects a person’s unique way of walking, and of course the ubiquitous fingerprint, used… Continue Reading →

Laser detects tumor cells in bloodstream, potentially improving melanoma screening and treatment

Tumors release cells into the blood that can reveal that the cancer is growing and spreading to other parts of the body. Now, researchers have shown they can train a laser device on the hand of a skin cancer patient… Continue Reading →

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