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February 2019

Cutting Line Displays for Vegetables, Meat Pieces, or Fish with Laser projection

Lasers are excellent for displaying a desired cutting edge onto food. Food can be cut into a certain size so that it can fit precisely, for example, into defined packages. Thanks to 3D laser triangulation, the volume of an irregularly… Continue Reading →

Pilot Lasers for Surgery

The use of lasers in surgery offers many advantages. Z-LASER manufactures pilot lasers for surgical instruments that work in the invisible IR range. Particularly in the case of long beam deflection systems, good focusing and circularity of the pilot laser… Continue Reading →

Patient positioning with lasers

The position of the patient is crucial for the quality of the scan when it comes to medical imaging systems (X-ray, MRT, CT). An incorrectly positioned target will lead to an out of focus scan image which will not provide… Continue Reading →

Soft Lasers for Surgical Procedures in Human Medicine

In the treatment of soft tissue in the cosmetics and dermatology fields, lasers of various wavelengths–from green to infrared, and with a power spectrum of up to half a watt are used. Z-LASER manufactures laser sources that match specific applications,… Continue Reading →


A customized scale projection helps with a focus adjustment of a multi leaf collimator (MLC) radiotherapy system. The laser scale is used as a manual distance measurement device. The geometry ensures that the patient is the exact distance away from… Continue Reading →

Drilling Machines – supported by Line Lasers

A laser beam can indicate the extension of the drilling axis for drilling machines, clearly marking the position of a borehole. Materials can be aligned quickly and easily. Special Uses: Vibration, shock and dust resistant Durable Compliance with laser classes… Continue Reading →

Line Lasers fore more accuracy while sawing

Lasers for Bevel Saws, Trimming / Multi-blade Saws, Format Circular Saws, Crosscut Saws A line laser module marks the cutting edge of the saw blade onto the material. The laser line serves as a positioning or alignment aid for all… Continue Reading →

Nail Binders – more efficient with Laser Projectors

The laser projector creates a laser image from the nail binder design files in the original scale and maps this to the work surface. It projects the precise positions of the pressing blocks, the nail plates, and the wooden planks…. Continue Reading →

Glue Binders – supported by Laser Projectors

Laser projectors form the shape of the future truss or framework. The tension struts are positioned in the glue bed. The quantity of lamellar material can be precisely determined this way. For further processing of the finished binder on a… Continue Reading →

Laser Projectors for Gluing Tables – CNC-BAZ – Cutting Saws

Laser projectors are used to display the block size on the gluing table in its original scale. In this way the selection of suitable raw material is supported. The correct positional display of material and vacuum suction cups prevents milling… Continue Reading →

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